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Tristan Thompson just wanted to go to a Hookah Bar

Tristan Thompson found himself ejected from Game 1 of the NBA Finals, but he’s really cool with it, because he wanted to be at a Hookah Bar anyway.

“I’m not saying I did it on purpose.” Tristan Thompson told the totally not a satire website The Choke. “That being said, I did have a reservation at one of the Bay Area’s finest Hookah Bars.”

While Thompson never said which specific smoking lounge he was referring to, a source told us that he was referencing Steph’s Smoking Circus Of Oh Whatever It’s Drugs Man — one of the most popular Hookah Lounges in the country.

“The game was close and all of that jazz, but when life hands you lemons, you have to smoke’em.”

For those unaware, Thompson being ejected from the game was like the ninth weirdest part of Game 1. J.R. Smith had a gaffe for the ages, as he didn’t realize the score; and there was the entire thing about the refs using the replay system to define what a block/charge call happens to be.

“Did you know, that when it snows, my eyes become wide and the light that you shine can be seen…” Thompson said before screaming, “BABY!”

Who knows what awaits the Cavs as the NBA Finals heads to Game 2? Not me. Not you. Certainly not Thompson.

At least we do know, or can safely assume, he’s a huge fan of Seal. And, ugh, who isn’t?

The basketball never sleeps and the Seal should not be trifled with. So say we all.