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J.R. Smith: I saw a Hennessy bottle At halfcourt

All the talk after Game 1 of the NBA Finals circles around Cavs legend J.R. Smith. And, by legend, we mean the guy who is as known for laying the pipe as he is at being a volume-shooter.

Late in Cleveland’s game against the Golden State Warriors on Thursday evening, Smith appeared to forget his surroundings. Not realizing the score or time remaining on the game-clock, he began to head toward the middle of the hardwood as his Cavs desperately needed a bucket.

Don’t believe me on this here website? Here is the wonderful bean footage:

This lack of awareness has resulted in something the kids call memes. It pictures LeBron James looking like his brain is attempting to escape his cranium while Smith is dribbling in the wrong direction.

After Game 1, Tyronn Lue claimed Smith did not know the score. For his part, Smith said he did.

That appeared to be the end of it… until ClutchPoints investigative intern Justin made a telephone call to Smith to find out more information.

“J.R. Smith? It’s Justin the intern.”



“I saw a bottle of¬†Hennessy… that’s why I was going in the wrong direction.”

Safe to say, given how poorly J.R. Smith has been shooting in the playoffs, maybe this love of booze is why he is having such a hard time laying the pipe.

That’s what she said?

Anyway, did you guys know that there was a guy named LeBron James who put up a 50-burger on Thursday night? You’d think more people would be talking about that.