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Washed up Carmelo Anthony to join algorithm based sketch show Saturday Night Live

Carmelo Anthony

“THE CHOKE is a parody website. Everything seen and heard here is purely for entertainment and comedic purposes.”

Now that his time with the Houston Rockets has gone the way of the dinosaurs, it appears Carmelo Anthony is set to join the cast of Saturday Night Live.

This comes after apparent mutual interest. Supposedly, the idea is rather simple. Carmelo Anthony is washed. Saturday Night Live — a sketch show that’s basically for old white divorced dads in their late 30s — is an algorithm based comedy show. With Melo trending and washed, while SNL is forever tending for being washed, the fit is perfect.

That’s not to say SNL is awful for the entire program. It’s just that the broadcast usually focuses on everyone’s least favorite comedians, traffics in whatever is trending on Twitter, and is often times so smarmy it goes over the heads of viewers.

This isn’t even a deal where people hate the cast in real time, but will later applaud it for being awesome. It’s that the cast is actually pretty solid, but Lorne Michaels buries some of the better talent in the name of forcing the same sketch variations over and over and over.

The exact role Carmelo Anthony is to play is not yet known. However, give his reputation as a volume-shooter who misses a bunch, he’ll fit right in with Saturday Night Live’s sketches-to-actually-being funny ratio.