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J.R. Smith’s Hilarious Thanksgiving Attempt At Joining The Lakers


“THE CHOKE is a parody website. Everything seen and heard here is purely for entertainment and comedic purposes.”

After being separated from the Cleveland Cavaliers for accusing team management of arranging a tanking scheme, J.R. Smith began a fight at Quicken Loans Arena after attempting to sneak onto the Los Angeles Lakers bus following the game on Wednesday Night. The fallout from this new set of questionable actions from Smith could be costly.

The off court moment occurred several minutes after the game ended. Smith walked into what he thought was the away team locker room, seeking to join LeBron James for another playoff run. However, he ended up creating an awkward scene with his former teammates once again.

“I thought LeBron would be in the home locker room because the Q was always his home,” said Smith, defending his actions.

After accusations of tanking, the team did not receive him warmly. Instead, Coach Larry Drew struck back, this time throwing a bowl of soup at Smith.

“This year, I’m thankful that I don’t have to deal with headaches and empty Hennessey bottles in the locker room,” Drew said of the situation.

Neither any of the Cavaliers nor Smith were hurt, although several players tripped over their shoes after Smith untied them.

After the fight and heading to the correct locker room, JR attempted to hide himself in LeBron James’s luggage. After he was discovered, he apologized for his Game 1 blunder in the 2018 NBA Finals, where J.R. Smith dribbled out the clock when the game was tied.

“Look, I know that moment reminded a lot of people of Infinity War. You know, when they almost get the gauntlet off Thanos?” Smith said, enthused. “But in the end they beat Thanos! Avengers 4! This was the one possible scenario we win. Right?”

“My plan was for LeBron to sneak me in a bag into the Lakers front office,” said Smith. “Then once I’m there, I’d pop out and be like, it’s magic. You know, because of Magic Johnson?”

Not enthused, LeBron did failed to respond. He continued onto the bus and left Smith behind.

Though discouraged, sources say that Smith continues to pursue a deal with the Lakers and immediate travel arrangements. Sources have told The Choke that he is currently shirtless while heading to Cleveland Hopkins Airport, despite the chilly November temperatures.

In response to the scuffle, Commissioner Adam Silver fined Smith $250,000 and released a statement: “Throwing anything except for key playoff games is absolutely prohibited by the NBA.”