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LeBron James sets yet another record, this time involving Nic Cage

Lakers, LeBron James, Nic Cage

“THE CHOKE is a parody website. Everything seen and heard here is purely for entertainment and comedic purposes.”

While everyone is focusing on more famous records LeBron James has broken, it’s about time to bring to light the one he just smashed involving Nic Cage.

According to The Choke’s stats and research department, LeBron James has become the first player since the NBA-ABA merger to consume over 30 hours of Nic Cage films in a 50 hour span of time.

The mind has been, officially, boggled.

It’s worth noting our stats and research department shares an office with The Choke’s Nic and Cage quality control checkers. In turn, you know this data is more accurate than a clock hanging on your walls with double-A batteries in them.

We can’t yet fully verify the entire selection of films, LeBron James chose to enjoy, but do know of some of those cinematic masterpieces. They are: Knowing, Face/Off, The Wicker Man and Vampire’s Kiss.

Apparently, LeBron is a huge fan of the classics.

When reached out for comment, Cage said, “It’s a great honor LeBron James likes my movies. In turn, I will pay 983,3003,333 American dollars for one pair of his socks.”

Oh, Nic Cage, you sly devil you.