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Kevin Love admits he wanted to get suspended to avoid LeBron James yelling

In a stunning revelation first discovered by me, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love admits that he purposely stepped on the hardwood during Game 1 of the NBA Finals to avoid being yelled at by LeBron James in Game 2.

For those unaware, during Game 1 of Cleveland losing to Golden State by way of a replay booth and J.R. Smith not knowing how math works, Kevin Love’s body was on the floor when he wasn’t legally allowed to be. Per NBA rules, that should mean an automatic suspension for Game 2.

Here is the video that shows the Lovester hanging around beyond the arc:

The only Cavs player usually left that open is Jordan Clarkson.

Anyway, Kevin Love called me after the game to explain why this supposed brain-fart was actually done on purpose.

“Hey, it is K-Love.”

That is how the conversation got started. We started to talk about the Beach Boys for a little, then I asked him why he did what he did. This is how he responded.

“Well, totally real person interviewing me,” Kevin Love started. “You see, LeBron James can sometimes yell and be mean. He can’t, however, do that when you’re not playing. So, as a preemptive strike, I figured I would just get suspended for Game 2, then avoid the wrath of the King.”

Love would later go on to tell me, the person who is totally real, that he hasn’t heard from the NBA, but is hoping he is suspended in enough time to go to Wal-Mart to pick up some bagged peas.

“Yeah, man.” Love said in an excited fashion. “Peas are the bomb {bleeping} dot com!”