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BREAKING: Kobe Bryant announces return to basketball to chase ring No. 6

Kobe Bryant

In a shocking development coming out of the NBA this morning, Kobe Bryant has told Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN that he will be coming out of retirement to join LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is expected to sign his contract on Sunday and should be available to play soon after.

The Cavaliers’ next game is on Tuesday against the Toronto Raptors and Bryant is expected to play 15 or 20 minutes in the game as he tries to get geared up for the playoffs.

For Bryant, the reason he wanted to come out of retirement was simple, he wants ring No. 6. Wojnarowski talked with Bryant about his return:

“I still feel like I have a lot left to give, and I wanted to go to a contender. I think I can be the missing piece that the Cavaliers need to get past the Warriors or Rockets and win the title. Jordan has six titles, and to be the best you have to at least match him. I want to be known as the best and getting the sixth title this year will push me over the edge.”

For Bryant, it’s an interesting choice to join the Cavaliers. He had offers from both the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors but he decided that the Cavaliers gave him the best chance.

“I had many offers to come back to the NBA but the Cavaliers felt like the best fit. I can come in right away and be the clear number two option behind LeBron. Not only do I want to win I want to be remembered as a huge part of winning the title, something I’m not sure could have happened in Golden State or Houston.”

With Bryant on board, the Cavaliers are now the clear favorite in the Eastern Conference and have really closed the gap on the Western Conference teams. It should make for an exciting next couple of months around the NBA.

April Fool’s! Of course, Kobe Bryant isn’t coming out of retirement anytime soon, as much as we all wish he would.