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Carmelo Anthony says he finally gave the Thunder fans what they wanted

Carmelo Anthony

“THE CHOKE is a parody website. Everything seen and heard here is purely for entertainment and comedic purposes.”

After Carmelo Anthony returned to Oklahoma City to play the Thunder, the veteran forward said his performance was intended to finally give the fanbase a form of pleasure.

Anthony went 1-11 from the floor, finishing with just 2 points and one of the worst games of his career.

“When I was with the Thunder, I was bad,” Carmelo Anthony said after the game. “It left OKC fans angry. However, I promised them I’d make them happy when I initially got here. It took a minute, and a switch of teams, but now they have to love me.”

He’s not wrong, either. The Choke spoke to Thunder superfan Nish Patel after the game. He was excited.

“Finally, Melo gave us a positive,” Patel told The Choke. “He was even worse tonight than he was when he was with us. He did leave me happy. Carmelo Anthony is a man of his word.”

As for the Rockets, they are less than thrilled that neither Hoodie or Olympic Melo showed up with run-of-the-mill Melo to Houston.

“I kept seeing fans say stuff about if only Olympic or Hoodie Melo came to the NBA,” Chris Paul said. “I should have drowned him while on that (bleeping) banana boat.”

Yes, Chris Paul. Yes you should have.