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Kawhi Leonard’s Uncle Pissed At Raptors’ Winning Mentality, Trade Imminent

Kawhi Leonard

“THE CHOKE is a parody website. Everything seen and heard here is purely for entertainment and comedic purposes.”

The latest whispers coming out of Toronto claim Kawhi Leonard has an uncle who is angry over the Raptors’ winning mentality. Furthermore, a trade is imminent.

Our source comes from Reddit user NotKawhiUncleLeonard2030203Unicorn. Below is his post:

Why are the Raptors winning whenever Kawhi doesn’t play? How dare them! I’ve heard, and listen I’m not the uncle of Kawhi Leonard or anything, that his uncle is angry. Pissed, even. The sort of made that will force a trade from the cosmos.

The buzz around this Reddit posting has become so loud, Kawhi Leonard has been forced to address the situation.

“Reddit?” Leonard asked.

Then a bunch of inaudible noises came from the hole in his mouth — also, we believe his ear holes — in which we don’t feel qualified enough to decipher. He did, however, take a bite out of a bologna sandwich when the noises subsided.

This all comes off reports the Raptors are willing to move the entire franchise to Los Angeles to keep the star.

When The Choke reached out directly to Leonard’s uncle, he claimed the Internet isn’t real and that Al Gore is actually a robot ghost sent from the future to trick is into thinking we’re not in The Matrix. Apparently, he believes the trilogy is a documentary.